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Healing and Sealing Your Energy Field (Part 2)

Updated: Jun 2, 2018


Now for part 2: Ways to protect yourself from ElectroMagnetic Frequencies, or EMF, that disrupt your biofield.

So there are many physical ways to damage our biofield in our world: poor quality food and water, even riding in an airplane are a few ways. However, one of the most damaging and least addressed is the high level of incoherent electromagnetic frequencies. They are a form of pollution, but we since we don’t see or feel them, we tend to ignore the problem.

Our Wi-Fi world includes cell phones, microwave ovens, cell towers, computers, headphones, smart Televisions, Fit Bits, and even the smart meter which reads our utilities. My daughter’s refrigerator talks to her: “You left the door ajar.” Are our smart devices making us stupid? Our homes are not safe havens; they can cause us to lose our body’s coherent frequency. They punch holes in our biofield. The effects of EMF on our society are increasingly dire, especially for our children.

Today’s EMF is unlike the electromagnetic frequencies to which we been entrained for eons and that are beneficial like Schumann waves. This new technology creates EMF a million times higher than have been used to. Again, these frequencies are not friendly.

What I find very disturbing is that there is no escaping from electromagnetic pollution, unlike, say food. If you don’t want foods seasoned with pesticides or that are genetically modified (aka GMOs), you don’t have buy them. You have options, at least at this point.

But EMF is everywhere, and it’s going to get worse. A law allowing 5G technology, for example, has passed in Utah and will probably do so everywhere else.

The new law will add another layer of wireless radiation to the existing 4G. It will allow placement of 5G cell towers in every neighborhood and in every school yard in the country. Towers will be placed at 80 foot intervals for the best of reasons, right? To enhance internet communication and education.

Consider this: The pastor of my church just gave permission for a tower to be placed on the lawn of the church, in exchange for cash. The cellular communication companies and mainstream media have reassured us that all is well. But then, if you don’t believe we have a biofield and that we are not very affected by energy, there is no problem, right? We are asked to believe that the 5G signal goes through concrete but won’t affect human tissue?

There are many agencies like the World Health Organization and the Environmental Trust (website that are trying to get out the word about the dangers of this EMF threat to health. Check out their site.


We love our cell phones. I am not suggesting we get rid of technology even if we could. But we do have to mitigate the problem it poses.

All our devices are emitters of waves of information, but this energy is not compatible with ours. Our body’s cells are in a battle to protect themselves. So the immune system is in stress mode, as is our brain and literally every system in the body.

So much for the problem; let’s get on with more solutions that are affordable, effective, and simple to use. Many agencies, like the Environmental trust provide good tips like, don’t sleep next to your cell phone, and don’t carry your phone in your pocket. But I feel we will have to do more, given 5G on the horizon.

Many companies are now making technology that protects us from EMF in all its forms. I am using the technology of one such company called GIA Wellness.

I chose them because their technology won a Nobel Prize in 2003. And the company employs two patented technologies called MRET and ERT. M-R-E-T is an acronym for Magnetic Resonance Effect Technology, and E-R-T stands for Energy Resonance Technology. You can read about this in a book by Dr Smirnoff entitled “Magnetic Resonance Effect Technology.” MRET superimposes a noise field of electromagnetic oscillations over harmful radiation; ERT emits a subtle energy field restoring vital communication across the biofield which was disrupted by the EMF.

While the first technology greatly reduces the impact of electropollution in the body, the second one improves the body’s ability to compensate for the damage.

Good effects increase with time and use. One or both of these patented technologies are in all of the GIA products. The process is complicated–but just think of MRET/ERT technology as body armor.

The good news is that these protective devices only react with human tissue. And they are easy, affordable, and effective. They do not interfere with inorganic expensive devices like your cell phone.

What devices you may need will depend on your life style. I have a Gauss meter which registers magnetic, electrical, and radio wave frequencies. I find the meter is handy to check for hot spots in my house. You can buy these meters online for $168 from Trifield, model TF2.

If you need more information, please call or text me 719-373-9199. You can get more information on the GIA site at .

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