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Healing and Sealing Your Energy Field (Part 1)

Updated: May 14, 2018

Today I will talk about our energy field: what damages it and heals it. I will cover tuning forks and also devices that are protective against electromagnetic frequency (EMF) and electromagnetic radiation (EMR).

Recently I have become involved in educating people on the health problems caused by EMF and EMR. But before we can understand the threat these frequencies pose to us, we need to summarize briefly what energy is, and what an energy field is. Frankly, this is akin to nailing jelly to a tree.

To begin with, let’s assume we have an energy field. I say “assume” because many in the scientific and medical community believe this idea is nonsense. They acknowledge we have electrical parts—i.e., the heart; but basically their paradigm is that we are self contained mechanical systems.

Ironically, since the earliest times, man has believed we have an invisible energy field around the body. Every culture had a name for it: “chi,” or “prana,” or the “Ka,” and later “aether.” We will use the more modern term “biofield.” But it’s all the same stuff.

So let’s define some with very basic concepts: everything in the universe is vibrating energy. Think of atoms with electrons vibrating in orbits around the nucleus. Nothing is really solid. We can stick labels on this energy to describe its characteristic patterns: sine waves, radio waves, micro waves.

But all you need to know is that all energy is energy that vibrates at different frequencies. “Frequency” is the number of waves that pass a fixed point per unit of time; so, one hertz is one cycle, or wave, in one second; 500 hertz is 500 waves per second. Most importantly, in order to understand the health issue of EMF, we need to know that there are two kinds of energy: coherent and non coherent. These two kinds are also known as “ordered energy” and “chaotic energy.” The first is friendly and necessary; the second is actually harmful. Einstein said, “Everything is about energy and I mean everything,” and that includes us.

So, as electromagnetic/ energy beings, we are surrounded by a coherent but invisible field that is our life force. It powers our cells and actually creates our bodies. The source of the force comes from many places, such as the magnetic core of the earth, A Japanese study in 2017 said the core was not iron but a giant crystal. But either one would be an energy source for us.

The life force also comes from the ionosphere in the form of Shuman Waves (think: lightening strikes) and comes from the sun (think: solar wind). We know astronauts who unplugged from the earth’s electromagnetic energy field suffered space sickness. When resonance generators were placed on board the problem got better, because the electromagnetic field was restored. So, in short this field is something we want to preserve and protect. We don’t want to leak or lose energy.

So how can we lose our energy? The reasons are many, but I am going to focus on two areas: physical things in our environment (like EMF), and also emotional issues such as stress and trauma. Have you ever dealt with a difficult person and felt your energy draining out your toes? Many things can cause us to lose energy; but in addition, these stressors introduce incoherent energy in our field. This creates imbalance and finally disease. Our heart, our organs and glands are producing electrical energy, or frequencies. They tell the body what to do to stay in balance (called homeostasis). So if your 75 trillion cells are being flooded with some incoherent frequency like a cell phone, our bodily frequencies can get jammed or confused. Okay, we all understand the problem so far. Let’s move on to solutions.

I want to discuss two things that can help unjam our body’s energy. One is the use of tuning forks and the other is the use of devices that act like a force field between us and the harmful frequencies of computers, cell phones, etc.

You may be familiar with tuning forks if you ever had a piano. Sound waves from the fork brought the piano back into tune. The body can also get out of tune and, surprisingly, the forks can bring it back into resonance as well. In the system I trained in, Biofield Tuning, we work on the premise that we all have an energetic biofield extending about 5 feet around the body. Actually our field is non-local; it is outside of time and space. But in this healing system, we work on this lifetime and keep things in that time-bound frame. We say this field, shaped like a big bubble, contains records from birth to present. It is like a personal archaic record, a big memory chip.

It might be easier to understand if we use the example of the phantom limb phenomenon. The limb is gone, but the person still feels it’s there. Well, it is still “there” in its energetic form. This field or bubble contains all our history embedded as energy or information in the form of waves. All traumatic experiences are encoded as incoherent energy, or blockages, in the body field.

Briefly, this is the mechanism: the tuning fork’s coherent frequency identifies the block by a change of sound and also amazingly stops at the point of incoherent energy. The fork sound is repeated until the block is released and we move on. The higher frequency sound dissolves the block which is a lower vibrational frequency—i.e., anger or fear.

All energy medicine works on this principle. Some examples of energy medicine include homeopathy, essential oils, reiki, and acupuncture. Again, higher vibration can change or restructure the incoherent energy within the body.

So let’s imagine a person we shall call Betty. She is 60. She is laying a table 5 feet from me. (I am skipping the prep we would normally do.) I am just outside her field at about 5 feet; I am mentally dividing her life like tree rings--one year per inch in this case. I start to clear her field with a fork which vibrates at 174 hertz. We use this fork a lot because it seems to break up big energy blocks.

I also may use other forks such as this 64 hertz fork. The 64 fork produces the sound of “OM,” which you are all familiar with. These frequencies are in the range of Shuman Waves ratio-wise, and so they are harmonious with us.

We strike the fork, setting up an audible wave of sound, and comb Betty’s field year by year—starting from the edge of the biofield, which contains information of her birth. There are often blocks here. We move forward in time toward the body. When we get to a stuck place, the fork literally stops as if it has hit a brick wall. We also listen for the sound, which changes at the blockage. It can become muffled or, on one occasion, it actually sounded like a scream.

We are dousing in a way to identify frozen or stuck energy in the person’s field. Let’s say my fork stopped at age 15, or 15 inches from where I started combing the field. We then ask Betty if there is anything she remembers or wants to share about being 15. Three possible responses: don’t remember (We often don’t remember trauma.), don’t want to talk about it (That’s okay because the body knows), or she verbalizes the story (“My abusive father deserted the family and we nearly starved to death.).”

I will listen or be witness to this story. But even if she does not want to verbalize it or she does not remember, the sound of tuning fork unblocks and unwinds the knot, so we can resume combing.

Sometimes a block does not want to budge; so, we employ the help of other frequencies, for example, those created by crystals or essential oils. We continue to strike the fork until it allows us to move on from that invisible wall we had hit at age 15.

Have we completely cleared Betty’s trauma? Well, probably not. But we have taken off one layer of the onion skin. On average, I detect about 3 hot spots per session. The body seems to choose what it wants to bring up and also maybe what it can handle. Intention plays a big role here. But the only way out of an issue is through it.

The forks detect the problem; they also discharge or unwind the blockage. When we finally reach the physical body/ present time, we point the fork into the chakra we started with. The frequency vibrations are recycled back, not destroyed, (Energy cannot be created or destroyed.). The chaotic energy has reorganized itself around the coherent energy sound.

In short, we are healing the energy field and ultimately the body because if negative energy is left in the field, it ultimately will cause disease.

At the end of a session, we use the 526 fork to seal the field. It vibrates at 528 hertz and produces a higher frequency than the other forks we used. It is said that this fork heals DNA. And that is the process for healing with tuning forks.

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