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"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food"

Meet Ann


Ann is a clinical nutritionist and owner of the Sacred Circle Healing Center.  She has more than 40 years experience with a variety of conditions, including - but not limited to - digestive problems, immune compromise, menopausal issues, stress, fatigue, and food sensitivities.

Initial Nutritional Consultation


The goal of clinical nutrition is to determine the root cause of your health issue and not just to chase symptoms.  Blood work is necessary, but I also do non-invasive, inexpensive testing using hair, saliva and stool samples. This level of testing can provide a more comprehensive picture of your health issues and allows me to design a diet and supplement program tailored to you.


Food Sensitivity


Food has become a mine field for many people, but what you eat is the core of your health. I deal with all kinds of diet problems, including digestive issues, leaky gut, and gluten sensitivity.  Not only are you what you eat but also what you digest and what your food ate.  Food sensitivities are often an indication of auto-immune conditions (that is, the body is attacking itself). Auto immunity is the disease of the 21st century.

Biofeedback Tuning


The Biofield Tuning modality uses sound waves (tuning forks) to clear stress and emotional blocks from the body. Discordant energy stored in the field around the body, called bio-plasma, can impact our health on all levels. We are electrical/magnetic beings, the treatment can be done locally or remotely.  You can see this in action on the website


Essential Oils


I have over 20 years of experience using essential oils to support every possible health issue. Essential oils are man's oldest medicine. If you purchase oils from me, your consultation is free.  Find more info at

Electromagnetic Radiation Protection


I provide education and devices that protect you and your loved ones from the indispensable, but potentially dangerous, effects of our technology: computers, cell phones, etc.   Electromagnetic pollution vibrates at a frequency that is not compatible with our biofield (that is, our life force). The problem now is 5G is getting bigger, but there are solutions. Visit

1/2 Hour:  Free

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